Peruvian Regional Cuisine

The most famous dishes in Peru are Cebiche de Pescado (raw fish marinated with lemon juice and hot pepper), Arroz con Pollo (rice with chicken), Ají de Gallina (chicken with hot pepper sauce), Lomo Saltado (sliced beef with onions and french fries), Pollo a la Brasa con papas fritas (roasted chicken with french fries) and Trucha Frita (baked trout). Pachamanca (Pacha=earth, manca= oven) is a dish handed down from the Peruvian ancestors as an offering to mother earth. It includes a variety of meats (beef, chicken, mutton) and vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, ocas). The food is cooked in an oven excavated in the earth and filled with heated stones. Another Peruvian delicacy is Picante de Cuy (roast guinea pig and potatoes covered with spicy sauce). Typical fruits such as lúcuma and chirimoya are used to flavor ice cream. Don’t forget to try the great Peruvian beers, such as Cristal, Pilsen and Cusqueña. Of course, you can’t leave the country without trying Pisco sour, our world-famous cocktail. Huaraz has many restaurants that offer a variety of regional and international dishes.