First conquerors

The Cordillera Blanca has conquered the hearts of many and some have had the good luck to rest on their summits, often filled with almost absolute happiness. This is a tribute to the first conquerors and to those who lost their lives on the peaks trying «to climb to the sky on foot.”

Huascarán North (6655m):
Annie Peck – U.S.A., R. Taugwalder, G. Zumtaugwald – Switzerland, 1908.
Angeles, Morales Arnao, Yanac, Del Arroyo, Acosta, Cornejo, Villanueva – Peru, 1954.

Huascarán South. (6768m):
P. Borchers, W. Bernard, E. Hein, E. Schneider – Germany, 1932
Pedro, Apolonio y Guido Yanac, Felipe y Fortunato Mautino, Macario Angeles – Peru 1953.

Huandoy North (6395m):
E. Hein, E. Schneider – Germany, 1932.

Chopicalqui (6354m):
P. Borchers, H. Hoerlin, E. Hein, E. Schneider – Germany, 1932.

Artesonraju (6025m):
E. Hein, E. Schneider – Germany, 1932.

Copa North (6173m):
Hans Kinzl (Austria), P. Borchers, E. Hein – Germany, 1932.

Vallunaraju (5686m):
Maria y A. De Szepessy – Switzerland, 1949

Churup (5495m):
H. Yoshikawa, M. Inokuchi – Japan, 1962.

Cayesh (5721m):
D. Rayan, L. Stewart, L. Crawford – New Zealand, 1960.