Callejon de Huaylas

This region includes the following main cities:

RECUAY: (3,400 meters) This interesting town displays its traditional architecture with narrow streets. It is an important AGRICULTURAL AND CATTLE-RAISING CENTER.

HUARAZ: (3,090 meters) Capital of the Department of Ancash. It is the main city in the Callejón de Huaylas with a population of over 100,000. Most public and private offices are located here. Huaraz is the center for high-altitude sports and outdoor activities. Popular due to its geographic location and logistical resources, it is used as the base for many expeditions into the surrounding Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra. The city is roughly 400 km north of Lima, about seven hours by bus.

CARHUAZ: (2,650 meters) This is a popular and friendly city, starting point of the route into the beautiful Ulta Valley that crosses the Cordillera Blanca via Punta Olímpica (4950 meters). On the eastern side of the mountains, lie the towns of the Conchucos, including Chacas, San Luis, Huari, San Marcos and Chavín de Huántar to the south and Piscobamba and Pomabamba to the north.

YUNGAY: (2,537 meters) The old city was completely destroyed by an earthquake and enormous rock and mud avalanche on May 31, 1970. From the new city, one can see the full majesty of Mt. Huascarán, the highest peak in the Peruvian Andes at 6768 meters. Yungay offers road access to the beautiful Llanganuco lakes.

CARAZ: (2,256 meters) This friendly, warm city still maintains its traditional urban characteristics. Caraz is the starting point to get to Lake Parón, Cashapampa, the famous walk through the Santa Cruz Valley and the Cedros Valley, including the glorious Mt. Alpamayo, known as the most beautiful mountain in the world.